eXtropia FAQs What is the ADT? The eXtropia Application Development Toolkit (ADT) consists of a set of tools (also known as drivers) that web application developers use to build web applications.

Built upon the eXtropia Open Interface Architecture, these drivers can be thought of as pluggable bits of functionality that work much like Legos.

For example, if a developer wants to use MySQL to store application data, she simply plugs in the eXtropia MySQL driver. If, at a later stage, she decides to upgrade to Oracle, she need only replace the MySQL driver with the Oracle driver.

There is no need to change anything else in an application because the ADT drivers hide the complexities away from the developer who would rather focus on business logic than data algorithms.

Having had the benefit of over 9 years of research and development, the ADT now contains almost every essential tool that a web application developer would require for building an application.

For example, the ADT includes tools for database access, authentication, authorization, user profiling, encryption, session management, mailing, log and error reporting, and more.

The ADT provides several concrete benefits to developers.

These benefits result in lower costs for the businesses that adopt their use.