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application development toolkit (ADT)
Simplifying complex technology  
Custom web solutions for your business
With its library of over 250 development components, eXtropia has assembled 25 Perl and Java-based web applications that can be accessed on the web, on WAP phones and can be installed out-of-the-box on any website.

Most clients require multiple integrated applications rather than single applications. The modular nature of eXtropia's applications makes it possible to pick and choose the applications that you want.

Integration always includes the use of eXtropia eXconnect™ technology and will allow the applications to share data and talk to each other.

eXtropia also offers several industry-spanning web solutions for small business, financial institutions, and telcos and service providers.

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eXtropia has simplified complex technology by packaging software into over 250 modular components that make up the Application Development Toolkit (ADT). This easy-to-assemble toolkit can be used to build complex interactive web sites quickly by joining the components like Lego bricks to form any configuration.

For example, consider application security. Most web applications require some means to register and validate users using user names and passwords. Often, the integration of a security framework to register new users and login existing users can take weeks of development time. Furthermore, mistakes in development of authentication functionality can cause dramatic security holes in production applications.

To solve this dilemma, eXtropia provides an authentication component that can be plugged instantly into any web application. Using the eXtropia Auth component, a developer can do in three to four hours what it traditionally took several weeks to do. Furthermore, because the authentication component is shared between applications and between users, security and feature enhancements can be done once for all users. Thus, clients easily leverage the development work performed by any other member of the client or developer community.

Fortunately, using the eXtropia ADT is exceptionally easy. Web developers of all abilities can build complex web sites by simply plugging together the different components. This makes application building as standardized as assembly line automobile manufacturing, with the corresponding benefits of speed, cost saving and consistency.

Yet the software can also be built upon to produce very specialized applications for very complex functions. The code within the components used to build the applications give the advanced programmer powerful tools for building, configuring and customizing extremely functional solutions quickly.

The ability to design complex systems with eXtropia technology was demonstrated at Barclays Capital in 1999 when eXtropia founders Birznieks and Sol constructed full-service financial trading systems for multiple instruments including FX, equity financing, bonds, and gilts.

The modular design of the applications means that each module can work independently of the others. This makes the application very strong, as it can be modified with minimal disruption to the business operations.

Important components of the eXtropia ADT include:

Manages data from a database (Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, MSAccess, etc), an XML stream, or a file system.

Provides session management, such as the storage of products in a virtual shopping cart.

Contains tools to perform shipping, tax, and discount calculations, as well as tools to perform many types of e-payment from Cybercash to Echeck.

Provides a simple interface to allow users to report application events. Reports can be emailed, logged to a data source, or even sent to pagers, mobile phones, or Personal Data Assistants (PDAs).

Provides mail read/write functionality for any application.

Integrates any application with encryption MD5 hashes to crypt, PGP and digital certificates.

Allow any application to handle incoming data in work flow specific ways such as checking for valid emails, credit cards, dates, etc.

Modify outgoing GUI elements such as translating pages from English to French.