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eXtropia FAQs
What is Perl and do I need it to use your products?  
Perl is a programming language that is used to create server-side web applications. Globally, Perl is the market leader, installed on a vast majority of the UNIX and Windows-based web servers running web applications today.

Like Java or Active Server Pages (ASP), two competitive technologies, Perl is an object-based, interpreted language. As a result, it is easier to write, easier to maintain, and easier to extend then other languages such as C or C++.

Unlike Java and ASP however, Perl is not embedded into web servers by default.

In other words, Perl applications typically run stand alone, not requiring the use of a specially designed, and often costly, application servers.

The benefits of Perl as a development tool lie in the fact that Perl applications require little infrastructure. Thus entry costs are minimized and the simpler application architectures assure that applications are less expensive to build, maintain and extend.

On the other hand, Perl applications may be slower and less scalable for certain types of applicatons.

Fortunately, however, if customers require more speed or scalability, they may install a Perl accelerator such as ModPerl or Velocogen. Using a Perl accelerator, Perl may be embeded into any web server just like Java or ASP.

Because Perl is the global standard for web applications, because the eXtropia Application Development Tooklit (ADT) integrates into all Perl accelerators on the market, and because hundreds of large projects have been successfully completed using eXtropia Perl-based technology, we recommend Perl as the technology of choice.

Though not the most hyped technology on the market, we know that Perl is a real-world technology for real-world businesses.

That said, though our applications are primarily in Perl, we do have a developing Java section for those of you who would prefer to use Java.