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eXtropia FAQs
Is your technology secure?  
The security of our technology is guaranteed through our open source development principles.

These open source principles ensure that our code will be reviewed by thousands of qualified developers who have both a vested reason to review our products as well as the ability to do something about it.

While this does not ensure that no security bugs will ever be discovered (no software can guarantee that!), it does ensure that if security holes are found, they will be fixed immediately because thousands of clients will join together with a common goal: to fix the bug.

As a result, whereas products such as Windows require months to patch, the one time a security hole was discovered in an eXtropia product, a patch was released within 24 hours.

This 'security through architecture' model is supported by a host of security features built into every eXtropia product. These features include integration with LDAP, SMB, Digital Certificates and a feature-rich authentication and authorization toolkit.

The robustness of our security model is validated by the success of our products in some of the most demanding environments including: Banking (Barclays Capital, Bumiputra Commerce Bank, and Charles Schwab), Government (NASA, The Human Genome Project, and the US Military), and in large businesses (General Motors, Northwest Airlines, Bell Atlantic, M1).