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WebCal Perl Community

The WebCal Perl Community is here and ready to help you! Ask people how they installed and modified the powerful WebDB engine to coordinate activities among a dispersed workforce. Check out our Support Forums for technical support.

Application in action  
The following are actual implementations of WebCal Perl. Please do not clutter these sites with unnecessary tests and the like. The administrators were all kind enough to allow me to cite them as working examples, so be nice to them on eXtropia's behalf!

Let eXtropians know how you use WebCal Perl! .

  • has a C utility to add users from a shell acount
  • Collier Lineages
  • Tahoe Mountain Brewery
  • The Magical World of Fisher-Price
  • Chuck Mayo's To-do list Hack - outputs an HTML page of coming events from the default calendar.events file. Very nice hack.
  • Quake's place
  • Whitney Houston Worship Webpage
  • Worcester College of Technology
  • Ultima Online Communication Center! - is happy to share code modificaitons.
  • Director of Military Support Homepage
  • Adventure Living
  • SkiHaus Home
  • Piedmont Cybercity
  • MIMS MALL Calendar
  • Incident Command and Control System
  • Script Tutor
  • Rockford's Area Web Pages
  • The Fraud Information Center
  • Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club
  • Syracuse U. College of Law
  • Demo - 1) I made the current day highlighted. 2) I made the calendar email all registered users anytime anything gets changed. 3) I made all colors customizable by setup file or call to the script. 4) I made it so that you can turn on and off the tables and javascript. 5) I made the calendar look a little neater (at least I thought so ;)) 6) I made the different levels of users (public, user, and admin) get different buttons. 7) I made long calendar names a reality. (Test_This_One reads as Test This One) 8) I made it so that multiple day events are now a reality. 9) Tags to go forward and back months.
  • City of Mankato
  • Department of Labor-ESA
  • Georgia Filmaker's Forum
  • Webbjournalen
  • Arkansas Photo Ads
  • Los Angeles Christian Presbyterian Church
  • Northwestern UNiversity Medical School infoPLEX
  • AVCNet
  • The Moonlit Trod
  • New York University Media Studies
  • Fontnet
  • Naval Post Graduate School
  • Real Image
  • Internet Fashion Network
  • Unsigned Artists
  • Salem Avenue Baptist Church
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, McMaster University
  • Alabama Republican Party
  • Tasmanians
  • B&R Computer Logic
  • FTF Arbetsliv
  • Kidlink
  • Port Angeles School District
  • The Global Command and Control System
  • Circle of Destruction
  • AG Technomatamatik
  • Tifton On-Line
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