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WebStore Community

WebStore is the culmination of eXtropia's experience with online shopping applications. It merges both the Electronic Outlet HTML and Database versions and adds all new routines for error handling, order processing, encrypted mailing, frames, Javascript and VBscript and other goodies.

WebStore resources  
  • Download WorldPay Integrated Version of WebStore. You can find out more about WorldPay Payment Gateways Here. Special Thanks to Wale Oki for his help on the integration.
  • WebStore Setup FAQ Donated by CC Edwards Co
  • Ignacio Bustamante's "Web Store Site Manager" - A fantastic database management script for store admins.
  • Database Doctor. This script is designed to be a tool to help manage pipe (|) delimited databases. Specifically, to work with the Web Store Shopping Cart. The Database Doctor allows you to create and maintain databases of any number of fields. Columns may be designated as required, unique, text boxes, option lists, text areas, and checkboxes. Contact at
  • For non-Anglo Centric versions: The NEW City Shop is also available, for free download, with all the features of the old, and more. Please check it out at Nightmedia. -- Gheorghe Chesler
  • Gary Moore's Web Store - Gary has done a significant modification (enough to be listed here as its own species. The link aboive goes to the main page with documentation and examples.
  • 110 Sport
  • Database Manager for the Web Store as customized by
  • Open Learning Center Course - E-Commerce Course covering the Web Store Script and more
  • and have both written hacks for CyberCash and offer code for free and consulting at VERY reasonable rates.
  • ActiveWebHost.com offers website hosting with pre-installed WebStore!

  • Note: Detailed information about installation and customization of the Web Store is available in CGI For Commerce by Sol and Birznieks.
  • Application in action  
    The following are actual implementations of WebStore. Please do not clutter these sites with unnecessary tests and the like. The administrators were all kind enough to allow me to cite them as working examples, so be nice to them on eXtropia's behalf!

    Let eXtropians know how you use WebStore! .