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Introducton to Web Design
Image maps  
  • An image map is a very interesting way to utilize an image on the web. Specifically, image maps allow you to specify specific regions of an image and make those regions clickable so that when you click on that area, you will be transported to a corresponding web page.

  • A good example of this can be found at Selena Sol's Homepage that is simply a single image map with pointers to other areas of the site.

  • Notice that when your mouse moves over an area that can be clicked on, it will change its appearance.

  • Image maps can provide a very fun interface, but they can be dangerous as well

  • Specifically, you should take care to make your image as small as possible so that it does not take too long to load.

  • Further, you should make sure that a browser has an alternative to using the image map in case they are blind or have turned off image loading. At the bottom of Selena Sol's Homepage, you can see that every link within the image map is duplicated with a text link.

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