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Introducton to Web Design
Exercise Six  
  • In this exercise, we'll take our familiar HTML document and using the sample <IMG> tag, from the previous page, place a ball icon in front of each of our favorite web site links.

  • Try it out....

  • The figure below shows what your page might look like:

  • And here is the code we used to get the page



Bob Frog
<BR>26 Ayer Rajah Cres. 12-01
<BR>Singapore, 12994466556


<FONT SIZE = "4" COLOR = "RED"><B>
About me</B></FONT><BR>

Hello, my name is <B>Bob the Frog</B>
and I am 278 years old from the <I>Gamma
Quadrant</I>.  Please send me
<A HREF = "mailto:bob@email.com">email</A>!


<FONT SIZE = "4" COLOR = "RED"><B>
About my work</B></FONT><BR>

I am currently a software engineer working in
Singapore doing <U>training</U> and

Here is a list of my favorite links:


<IMG SRC = "http://www.eff.org/ball_red.gif"
         ALT = "[*]">
<A HREF = "http://www.eeye.com.sg">Electric Eye</A>

<BR><IMG SRC = "http://www.eff.org/ball_red.gif"
         ALT = "[*]">
<A HREF = "http://www.extropia.com">Selena Sol's


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