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Introduction to Databases for Web Developers
Like BETWEEN, the IN operator is used as a shorthand to specify multiple parameters in one statement. The IN operator looks generically like:

    SELECT column_name
    FROM table_name
    WHERE column_name IN ('value', 'value', value);

The reverse, or course, looks like:

    SELECT column_name
    FROM table_name
    WHERE column_name NOT IN ('value', 'value', value);

As you might have guessed, the IN operator works just the same as stringing multiple OR's together. The list of comma separated values defines a set of acceptable conditions. Thus, to get a listing of all the clients in the 90031 or the 90102 zip codes, you could string together OR operators such as:

    WHERE C_ZIP = 90031 OR C_ZIP = 90102;

Or using the IN operator, you would have:

    WHERE C_ZIP IN ('90031', '90102');

In either case, you'd get the following results

    C_NAME			C_ZIP
    Rick Tan			90031
    Stephen Petersen		90102

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