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Introduction to Databases for Web Developers
Setting up a Sample Database  
Next, you need to make sure that you have setup a sample database to test on. In the previous parts we have introduced MSAccess which is a good database to practice with since it is fairly lightweight and user-friendly. Of course, as we have said before, what databse you use will not really matter. I am just using MSAccess to demonstrate.

Go ahead and setup a database with two tables: Employees and Customers with some sample data in each. In fact, here are the tables I am using for your reference:

[Access Tables]

When you are done with data entry, you'll need to register your database with your operating system. On Windows, you simply need to use the 32 bit ODBC Control panel.

[ODBC Control Panel]

The "Add Wizard" will walk you right through assigning a system ODBC name to the Access database you setup. Notice that I made four of them "Access, db1, eXtropia, and MyCompany

[ODBC Setup]
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