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Introduction to Databases for Web Developers
Deleting Databases and Dropping Tables and Views  
It is also simple to delete tables and databases using GUI tools or SQL. In the case of a GUI, you will simply select a table or database from your main menu and delete it as you would a file in a file system manager

In SQL, you would simply use the DELETE or DROP commands depending on if you were deleting a whole database or just a table in a single database.

In the case of deleting a whole database, you will use the DELETE command as follows:


The following example would delete the database MY_COMPANY:


In the case of a table, you use the DROP command


such as:


Essentially when you use delete and drop, you are modifying the database management system's data dictionary. It shouldn't have to be said, but I will say it...BE CAREFUL WHEN DELETEING OR DROPPING!!!!!

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