Introducton to Adobe Photoshop Creating A Custom Beveled Frame

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Corel Clip Art

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Custom Frame


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Make Changes In The Preferences Settings

  1. Open Preferences (File > Preferences).

New File Creation And Image Transfer

  1. Create a new Photoshop file (File > New...).

  2. Open your art work choice (File > Open...).

  3. Crop the art work to the Bevel Test proportions.
  4. Move the Crop Mark to the desired location (click, drag, and drop).

  5. You may have to reduce the art work image size to make the crop work with your artwork.

  6. Once the right composition is achieved, crop the image (Enter key).

  7. Transfer the newly cropped image to the Bevel Test window.

View Command Settings And Options

  1. Go to View Menu and duplicate the settings below.
    Bonus Image Bonus Image Bonus Image

  2. Compare your Bevel Test with the sample below. Bonus Image Bonus Image

  3. Pull out the red guidelines from the ruler using the sample above as a guide.

  4. Hide the ruler and the grid using the following steps.

Bonus Image Bonus Image

Create And Save Five Masks

(L or cycle with L) Bonus Image

  1. Use the "Polygon Lasso" tool to make the mask parts.

  2. Use this "A to H" snap-to reference shown below to form the shapes.
    Bonus Image Bonus Image

  3. Frame Face Mask

  4. Left Bevel Mask

  5. Top Bevel Mask

  6. Right Bevel Mask

  7. Bottom Bevel Mask

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Bonus Image Bonus Image Bonus Image


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