Introducton to Adobe Photoshop Real World Example

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PHASE III-A: Add Text to Logo

1...Preparation Steps

Photoshop Text Tool

2...Text Position Preview

Your image should look something like this sample below.

Add Text

Photoshop 4.x automatically puts the text on a new layer. Relabel the text layer Style.

Photoshop 3.x floats the text on the current layer. Place the text on a new layer and relabel the text layer Style.

3...Separate The and Style into different layers.

Text elements are now independent. Move the text elements to create a rough composition.

4...Move and Nudge the text elements into their final composition.

5...Getting Closer

Getting Closer

The text position is fine but it does not separate well from the background. It is hard to read.

The following section will make it pop off the page in 3-D.

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