Introducton to Adobe Photoshop Real World Example

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PHASE II-A: Rainbow Facade Preparation

This section will take you from the previously created "Under Painting" to a "Colorized 3-D" stage.

  1. Duplicate Safeguard
  2. Reduce Contrast
  3. Add Noise
  4. Add 3D (Bas Relief)
  5. Lighten and Preview
  6. Colorize
  7. Rename

1...Duplicate Safeguard

Duplicate the master image for safety, comparison, and quick access ("drag" the Background layer to the "Create New Layer" icon).

The new layer Background copy becomes the "Work Layer".

Create New Layer

2...Reduce Contrast: Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast...

Reduce Contrast

3...Add Noise: Filter > Noise > Add Noise...

Add Noise

4...Add 3D (Bas Relief)

Add Depth

5...Lighten and Preview



Add color (Image > Adjust > Hue / Saturation...)



This completes the Preparation phase. Next is the Rainbow Facade creation.

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