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Introducton to Adobe Photoshop
The Menu Bar  

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The Photoshop menu bar works like the menu bar in any other standard application. Thus, for example, the "Save" and "Save As" operations will be found in the "File" menu item and "Copy" and "Paste" will be found in "Edit". No surprises here.

[Menu Bar]

Similarly, the Photoshop menu follows the standard keyboard shortcuts that you expect to see. Thus, the ALT-F combination will access the "File" menu and the ALT-F SHIFT-N combination will access the "New" menu choice from the "File" menu item.

It is a good bet that if in any application you see a menu item with a single letter underlined, that you can access that menu item by using the ALT key in combination with the letter. Similarly, menu choices should be accessible by using the SHIFT key in combination with the underlined letter. using keyboard shortcuts can greatly speed up your work since you do not have to navigate the mouse all over the screen. Why not take a moment to practice accessing menu items using the keyboard? If you commit to learn one keyboard shortcut per week, you will be a master of the menu in a couple of months.

Of course, there are a few non standard menu items such as "Mode" and "Filter", but these will be explained in detail later. For the moment, let's keep our discussion focussed on the basics. Let's move from the menu Bar to the Drawing Canvas.

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