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Introducton to Adobe Photoshop
The Lasso Tool  

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The marquee tool is certainly cool and when you use the SHIFT and ALT keys to add or subtract from the selection, you can create some pretty complex selections. However, often times, a free form selection tool is what you really want. A freeform tool like the Lasso, allows you to draw out a selection area much like you were tracing over an image through tracing paper. [IMAGE]

To create a free form selection, simply choose the lasso tool [IMAGE] and click and drag on the canvas. The selection will follow your drag.

Obviously, it is unlikely that you will succeed in making a free form selection right the first time since it is very easy for your mouse to slip. Fortunately, you can use the SHIFT and ALT keys to add or subtract from a selection as well as use the ALT key down while you drag with the lasso to create polygons much like you would do to create lines using one of the paint tools as discussed yesterday.

Note that if you do not perfectly align up the beginning and the ending of a lasso selection, Photoshop will complete it for you by drawing a line from the end to the beginning as the crow flies.

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