introduction to web programming The Reset Button Widget In some cases, you will want to give the user the ability to reset an entire form so that it is cleared completely back to its default state.

To do so, you can use the RESET button that works exactly the same as the SUBMIT button except that it instructs the browser to clear the form instead of telling it to send in the form data to the server.

A reset button looks like the following. Try typing in some information into the text field and then hitting the reset button.

The code to create it looks like the following:

    <INPUT TYPE = "TEXT" NAME = "reset_text">
    <INPUT TYPE = "RESET" VALUE = "Clear The Text"
              NAME = "reset">

As with the SUBMIT button, the RESET button can have a NAME and a VALUE, though you'd never use the NAME for anything since it is never sent in to the server.

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