introduction to web programming Reading a File Line by Line An often used technique in CGI scripts for the manipulation of files is the reading of each line of a file. Perhaps we want to check each line for a keyword, or find every occurrence of some marker tag on a line and replace it with some other string. This process is done using a while loop as discussed previously. Consider this routine that will print out every line in a address file:

    open (ADDRESSES, "address.dat") ||
         &CgiDie ("Cannot open address.dat");
         while (<ADDRESSES>)
           print "$_";
    close (ADDRESSES);

Thus, the script would print out every line in the file address.dat because "$_" is Perl's special name for "the current line" in this case.

You can also manipulate the "$_" variable in other ways such as applying pattern matching on it or adding it to an array.

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