introduction to web programming The First Line of a Perl Script Since PERL is an interpreted language, the first thing that a Perl script must do is reference the location of the Perl Interpreter that is used to execute the script

To do so, you will typically use the following syntax

     #! /pathname/name_of_perl_executable

The "#!" is a shell scripting command used to say that the file should be considered an executable file and that it should be executed using the specified interpreter.

Typically, the Perl interpreter will be located in either "/usr/local/bin/" or "/usr/bin".

Thus, the first line of a Perl CGI script will usually look like one of the following lines

     #! /usr/local/bin/perl


     #! /usr/bin/perl

Of course, the easiest thing to find out what the first line of your CGI script should look like is to send an email to your sysadmin asking!

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