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Other open source resources  

For the most part, we are not attempting to be a "lister of links" because we are mainly interested in providing content and because many other netizens are better prepared to keep up with the latest developments on the web.

For a more complete listing of offsite resources. try Matt Wright's CGI Resources Page.

Free For All Link Page
This script, by Matt Wright allows you to set up a page that your users can then add links to in specified categories.
Random Link Generator
This package, by Matt Wright allows you to set up a page which has a link on it. When this link is clicked on, the user is taken to a random URL pulled out of a list of URLs that you specify.
BusinessNetwork Forums
New forums hosted by BJ.
This program, by Matt Wright allows you to implement a simple countdown to a specific date in your web pages.
This script saves access date+time, the visitor's host name, his IP address and browser type, and the referring page (if any) to a log file on the server (default name = logfile.txt). This file will be automatically mailed to you. Script by Walter Soldierer.
Browser Matcher
This script by Drea Leeds determines which browser the client is using to view your page and then redirects them to a browser specific page. You can see the thing work by clicking here.
Browser Detection Script
Another good browser detection script by Steven Elliot Pav.
jump_list.cgi and jump_off.cgi
Both scripts are used to create jump buttons from a page to any other page. These scripts were both kindly donated by Jeff Mackintosh and can be seen in action at http://www.huntington-ny.com
Offsite Resources  
Perl Debugging Help
A brief article on Perl Debugging.
All Free Things
A searchable directory of free stuff, trial offers, free information on many subjects, including webmaster resources, and many more freebies.
Web N Ads
Great directory listing of resources for just about anyone!
SunTar Download
If you need SunTar for Mac to untar our stuff, here it is!
School Center
Applications Service Provider for K-12 schools. School Center lets educators use form driven pages to put their own content on the school’s web site. This is a great communications tool for community outreach. Most importantly we offer these tools with no advertisement or commercialization of the web site.
Tool for Perl.
Gives you the ability to create six different types of Banner Ad Rotator scripts for your website.
URL Whacker
This ingenius little script can whack a URL for use in many applications. Need to get just the domain name from a URL? Or, perhaps you want to know a URL's path without it's domain prefix. Or, maybe you want a program that will assign '/' or a default webpage to a URL when none is given. Well, this great little script does it all!
GIFWorks is a free on-line GIF editor; that's absolutely free
One Service
A fairly useful CGI archive and chat area.
Colorado Institute of Art Webpage Scripting Course
A great resource for CGI, HTML, Java, and all the rest!
CGI Resources - A fairly well organized new list of resources...
Lots of cool and useful scripts and scripting resources.
looks up domains on the web.
Emmanuel PIERRE's Perl Page
Lots of very good Perl info and Perl CGI info.
CGI.h - header file for C++
CGI.h is a C++ #include file that allows a 'CGI' object to be created then HTML tags generated via methods.
Get Noticed Downline Builder
A professional CGI program for automating on-line network marketing businesses. Provides self-replicating web pages, accepts new sign-ups, has a built-in mailing list, and includes an ID/password finder. Optional add-ons provide a member services area, easy-to-use web-based administration, and instant on-line downline reports.
Produces an organized table for years to come that will link the date if an event is present. An administration program allows all maintenance to be done through the web browser.
Perl and ASP scripts.
CdCount 1.0
The counter features a fast loading time, any style of digit, no fly program requires, uses SSI, Digits can be in all different sizes and you can customize it for less than 3 minute.
Questions & Answers
Now run a Questions & Answers forum for your web site's visitors easily using Q&A by CGI World. Supports unlimited Q&A categories, as well as question & answers. Features a powerful admin program to manage your Q&A forum, all through a web browser.
The Ultimate CGI BIN
CGI Archive.
Interested in Surveying your Web Site's visitors? Now create multiple question surveys using radio buttons & checkboxes to gather information from your site's visitors. Features include double vote blocking, auto expiration, e-Mailing of survey expiration, & a password protected admin section with all the features you need!
CGI for the Total Non-Programmer
This tutorial is for the novice PC user that wants to learn to write CGI. It begins with an introduction to Unix file commands before tackling Perl CGI with the provided template. It is absolutely free.
This Perl CGI comes with a self installer for Unix or NT. It is designed to allow non-programmers to create searchable indexes with user accounts.
A CGI program, form based, to allow visitors to a website to recommend the site to their friends. Easy to install and maintain, with simple boilerplates for outgoing mail in a separate file for quick modification.
An Interactive Story
The program is an interactive story, written by its readers. As people read the story, each page tells a part of the story. Each page ends with two choices for what to do next. Users click on one of the two links to read what happens next in the story. (It works like the "choose your own adventure" books.
Protect It Pro
Htaccess Authentication using DBM Files & IBill support are only a few of many features packed into Protect It Pro. DBM File support allows a larger database (150k+) of username / password combinations without slowing down like a flat text file. IBill support allows easy use of PIN numbers when allowing access. Fully customizable ( Purchased Installed Only ).
Bug Base
A lightweight database app for doing bug tracking among app developers or suitable for helpdesk trouble ticketing.
Ls interface.
A program to remove those nasty extra LFs you get when you ftp a text file accidentally in binary mode.
Web Search
Create your own search engine with Web Search Software. Dozens of options with absolutely NO editing of the CGI script.
Refer me
A referral system. The user sends personalized email (pre-written by the webmaster) from the Web form to all his friends, telling them to come and visit. The webmaster gets a list of all the names. Functional URL: http://deadlock.com/refer-me.html. Neat package for distribution: ftp://webgrip.com/pub/jim/refer.zip
Knowledge Builder
FAQ building CGI script.
Shell Scripts from Vincinius
A cool collection of shell scripts for all sorts of useful tasks.
AnyForm by CGI World is a multiple form processing script with many customizable features. Options include email delivery, logging, required fields, preview options and more.
CGI and Java Resource Library
Good design and navigation.
C library to decode form variables.
Emailrobot will process the e-mailed form output into an ODBC database and allow you to send a customized reply /action based on the form results.
Mail Form
HTML form to e-mail gateway designed with speed in mind. It is written in ANSI C (compiled to be faster than PERL or shell scripts), should compile on any Posix-compliant system (most any Unix), and is loaded with features. It is completely backward compatible with Matt Wright's FormMail PERL script (from Matt's Script Archives), so it can be a drop-in replacement that uses fewer CPU cycles than the FormMail PERL script.
What's New
What's New by CGI World is a PERL/CGI script designed for a what's new or site events area of a web site. Create, edit, or delete entries easily while the program manages the way it all looks. Option to display news of the week for Mon-Sun also available & simple to use.
Peter Hellman's Midi-Jukebox
Multiple WWWBoard Manager
Our WWWAdmin Pro Script allows you to create/edit/remove multiple web boards in addition to the original features offered with Matt's Script WWWAdmin 2.0a.
suite of CGI scripts written in ANSI C and Perl which speeds up multi-media sites. free demo cd.
Reliable Software Programmers' Home
A resource for Win32 programming which includes source code, C++ Windows Tutorials, a pre-release version of Code Co-op -- a distributed version control system which works without a LAN or central server, the World Wide Programmers' Web and freeware.
Stas Bekman's CGI Scripts
Jukebox CGI with some pretty neat features.
Libcgi is a CGI library written in the C programming language by Brad Rossiter. Libcgi is intended for those who have modest needs for creating HTML forms. Libcgi makes writing C CGI applications extremely trivial for even the most inexperienced C and HTML programmer.
Digee Counter
An excellent and easy to use web counter.
Search Engine script.
A fairly complete database with a very pleasant interface. We could find things pretty quickly with the keyword search.
Image Display
Image Display by CGI World is a program for organizing many images on a web site. It will display a thumbnail of each image in a table and link automatically to the larger image. Create multiple image categories & have your users flip between them quickly & easily.
Scott's Script Archive
Some excellent new ideas on some traditional apps.
Jason Costomiris' Hacks
A few CGI scripts which you can look through and try out.
Discus - Discussion board software
Discus discussion board software is a free message board program. Discus allows those with CGI access to add an interactive discussion board to their site easily. Discus offers many features of expensive packages for free!
WEBBS is a full featured web BBS system with integrated logging system, threaded messaging, searchable member profile database and chat room. All this customized to your needs for only $800.
Create a Guestbook for your AOL Home Page
Here is an easy way to get your guestbook up and running in no time. by Rudy Bacon.
A good resource for Perl freeware.
Howard Fear's Computing Library
A very nice library of information collected by Howard fear. Not just CGI stuff, but other programming info as well.
Java based text editing program. Teledit is a new Telnet client. hat's unique is it's 'built-in' editor. And since it's written completely in Java, you can use it anywhere, anytime, without downloading and no installation is required!
Protect It by CGI World
Protect your web directories with username & password using the .htaccess or .nsconfig method. (Server security method).
Is a CGI focussed listserv led by a fantastic hacker, Jann Linder in which you can seek help in a more close knit community than USENET.
CCS Network Apps
Several useful scripts with a consistent and interesting GUI that would be worth your while to look at. Documentation seems good and the scripts seem to work.
RDB is a fast, portable, Relational DataBase Management System without arbitrary limits, (other than memory and processor speed).
Split Infinity Script Archive
Perl scripts for: Image Navigation, Thumbnail creation, Link Engines, Banner Servers that pay out by SUBSCRIPTION or SALE, Top100 lists, Keyword Searchable Image Libraries, Click Through Counters and etc.
Connect Four
A cute version of the favorite game. Contact Mark Westguard mkw1@brighton.ac.uk for more info.
Web Bazaar Free CGI Scripts
Very useful CGI modifications and Originals from Mike Carville.
Meep!Board is a fully customizable message board system for UNIX.
Graffitti wall/Guestbook/BBS system in CGI and Java.
Email List Generator
The email list generator is a web interfaced script that allows the visitors on your web site to leave their email address so they may be notified when you update your web site.
Net Tools
A collection of java links and resources. It also include many link to perl and other cgi resources.
Sysdaemon System Monitor
Sysdaemon is a System monitor daemon written in perl5. Its purpose is to monitor the components that make up a unix server. For example your unix server functions as a whole due to components such as sendmail, inetd, named and httpd servers etc...
This site provides web authoring assistance to the novice and intermediate web master.
Dialogue Forums
Dialogue Forums is a discussion-group program. The program supports threads, multiple forums and multiple user permission levels. It comes with an integrated administrative interface to keep check of users and since it is written in Perl it is easily modifiable to fit into other applications or alternative layouts.
Template Extended CGI Form Mailer 2.0
Tecform 2.0 is a CGI script that allows the mailing of a completely template specified Mime compliant mail through an HTML mail form. It lets you specify within the mail form (in so called hidden fields) a template in which different fields of the form are filled in. This way the output format of the mail can be exactly specified.
Definite Liud
This is the definite place for all you folks looking for excellent modules. Here you can find a collection of some of the best music modules ever made!
The Ultimate Learn and Resource Center
A pretty long list of good CGI libraries.
FreeScripts Now!
A free script archive from Now! Internet Tools, dedicated to providing High-Quality FREE Scripts for Microsoft's IIS 3.0
Sue Braiden's Postcard Script
It's for creating/sending customized multimedia postcards, recipes, art and animations. Download kit includes a sample card rack, music and graphics files. This script includes user customized messages, email notification to both the recipient and the sender when the card has been picked up, and a pickup log for tracking useful demographic information including where visitors are from, what's popular and what's not so hot. Next version to include frames and a number of other enhancements. A working example of this script is available by visiting the "Mailbox" on the first floor at: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/3208/

This script and others can be downloaded from the Developers' Toolkit in "The Office" on the third floor at the same address.

Mooneer Salem's CGI Archive
Perl Scripts Modified for MindSpring Web Hosting Accounts
Pretty much what it says except that this site. includes some cool installation FAQs which are valuable in general.
Luke and Mark's CGI Archive
Click count and click responder were written by Luke Pfeifer a 15 year old CGI whiz kid!
Warning: The dangers of Guestbook CGI's!
An article discussing the dangers of using SSI and CGI together.
CGI Resource Index
Scripts, Books, Freelancers, Job Line, etc. A pretty good resource for the CGI-Professional.
Wolf Haven's CGI Perl and Javascript Archives
Here you will find links to valuable scripting guides, links to Online HTML and Graphic Design sites, links to sites which offer free Perl and JavaScript scripts, and an archive of original Perl and JavaScript scripts.
Matt Wright's CGI Resources
Over 500+ CGI related links in over 130 categories.
Mark's Perl Projects
A couple of neat scripts including a tool to automatically generate documentation in a variety of formats from C++ header files and a guestbook.
Jeff Jakubowski's CGI Scripts
A couple of good scripts including a Quote and a BBS script.
NetBoard Pro
NetBoard Pro is a unique message forum system for an internet web site. The script is not free, but seems pretty powerful.
i-spi stands for Internet Statistical Package. i-spi was designed with the small business in mind, but works equally well on a personal level. It is a two-part program which gathers information regarding those accessing your web resources, compiles it, and then provides a quick and customizable interface to analyze that data.
Password Checker
A password protector allowing multiple owners, files, usernames and passwords. It even has simple logging capability. The Perl script itself is heavily commented, so for more extensive information, check there. Here is the source For more info, contact Lucas Moten.
DrewStars Superscripts
This is not a freeware site, but it does have some good scripts at reasonable prices.
caberNET's CGI Archive
Home of Web Email Lite. Easy to use, no programming and no installation necessary. Create forms on your web site and submit them to CaberNET's Web Email Lite. Free!
Mike's Scripts
A very well rounded set of public domain scripts including a chat script, a log analysis script, a voting script, a script to mail files, a random banner script, and others. The scripts are fairly well documented too.
An excellent site with demo versions of several useful scripts. Mr. Feinberg puts several versions of script types next to each other so you can easily compare features.
ActiveU is a collection of free CGI scripts written in Perl for the public domain. All were written by Jonathan Eisenman (me) of ubiquitous. as CGI scripts for the ubiquitous. web site. Scripts include a mailer, guestbook and a search.
Hal Eason's Script Archive
Several great scripts from a form processor to the oft requested online HTML editor.
The Writer's BBS - Free CGI Scripts
Currently available are two chat scripts, a Java coloring book, a Hangman game, an Add-To-The-Story, and a simple SSI random text script.
Free For all Link Script
Your standard Matt Wright-based script with some new modifications. The code can be found here.
A fast-loading, flexible online shopping solution developed using Sun Microsystems Java, is available for licensing for OnSite or OffSite use on a per store basis.
Redirect allows you to log the number of people who click on a given link. For example, if your site sells ad banners, you'll need a way to see how many times people click on the banner ("click-throughs"). Redirect is also useful if you would simply like to see how many people are linking to various areas of your web site. Redirect will log that, plus the time and date, user's IP address, user's web browser, and the page they linked from. Programmed in ANSI C for maximum portability and easy modification, Redirect is completely free.
Talien's CGI-BIN Dreams
Several well documented and well executed scripts including a database management system, an administration frontend for the Basic BBS from this archive and a script to help edit HTML pages from the web.
Webbase is a simple database-tool to make the handling of www-contents easier. It is was written in Perl - and it's free...see copyleft. It uses the cgi-interface to create, configure and edit the databases. It does work with linux, solaris..etc. and should work on any unix system.
Joe's Free Scripts From The CGI Crypt
Popular applications to automate your website. Manage rotating advertising banners, page and site hit statistics, search/browse database, bulletin board system, survey and bulk E-Mailer.
Eric T. Wienke's Perl CGI Scripts for Win32
Eric has a couple of VERY useful CGI scripts including a very secure form-to-email scripts and a script to generate thumbnails of locally stored backgrounds.
VBS: Virtual Bulletin System
A strong BBS system with capabilities including search, file uploads, message editing, authentication, filtering and more...
It is a program which displays the top number of accessed files in a server. It was written by Heddy Boubaker and can be seen in action at http://www.cenatls.cena.dgac.fr/cgi-bin/top
Kent's Scripts is a small archive with free Perl scripts written by Kent Boortz
For multipage guestbooks, form saving and viewing, listing of CSV (comma separated values) and more. There is no HTML inside the scripts, the layout is defined in HTML templates. This way the same script can be used for different sets of data and with different layout. With manuals and runnable examples.
Auto-changing JavaScript MIDI Player
This java script program to play songs continuously, one right after the other as listed. You can browse all the pages associated to the homepage running this without song interruption, or, you can choose a song to play, iconize the window and the remaining songs will automatically begin after your selection with no further intervention by you or the homepage visitor.
This service allows webites who do not have access to their server like AOL or CIS members run CGIs.
Lake Web's Perl Scripts
Several nicely done and well documented CGI scripts written in Perl including a CGI to send files, one to manage ACESS databases, handle cookies, and a classified add system.
Web Search
Amorn Chomchoey has created a fantastic meta search engine script which will keyword search multiple search servers (ie Yahoo, Alta Vista, Webcrawler).
Gen Tree
This Perl script scans the tree (better: the directed graph) of HTML pages of a web site (it's not always a tree because circles and loops are possible!), starting at the home page of that site and following all hyperlinks in a recursive descent (you can also scan just a sub-tree of your web site if you want). Circles and loops are recognized through unique identification of each page by the device and i-node numbers of its corresponding file. When scanning of the web site is complete, an HTML page is generated which contains all the pages found in form of one hyperlink to each of them. The tree structure of the web site is reflected in this page by the indentation of these hyper-links. The text which is displayed in these hyperlinks is extracted from the <TITLE> ... </TITLE> tags inside the corresponding page. The script is capable of executing server side includes and of analyzing server side image maps. This way, no important hyperlinks are missed (many home pages consist of an image map and nothing else!). It is also able to analyze CGI scripts simply by calling them and analyzing their output (therefore, no HTTP server is needed!). Contact Steffen Beyer for more info.
VTT Building Technology Project Relational Database
VirtuFlex Software
VirtuFlex provides you with an integrated solution to build Internet enterprise applications using Macros instead of CGI scripting.
WireHead's CGI Scripts
Ken Wronkiewicz has written a couple very useful redirection scripts and offered them as public domain. even if you aren't interested in the functionality, the code is a nice read anyway.
Perl Scripts by Sarang Gupta
Sarang has quite a nice collection of webadmin tools for manipulating web related strings and docs. These scripts are particularly good examples of search and/or replace syntax and because they are short, they are easy to study.
PHP/FI is a server-side html-embedded scripting language. It lets you write simple scripts right in your .HTML files much like JavaScript does, except, unlike JavaScript PHP/FI is not browser-dependant. JavaScript is a client-side html-embedded language while PHP/FI is a server-side language.
CGI Resources
Instructional materials on CGI, including tutorials, discussions and working scripts. The emphasis is on explanation, so most of the scripts are discussed in some detail. Most are usable in production.
People Net CGI Discussion Forum
This topic covers discussion of the development of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts as they relate to Web page authoring. Possible subjects include discussion how to handle the results of forms, how to generate images, and how to put together other interactive Web offerings.
LogScribe: Web Access Logging
The script was written to maintain logs and display them in a graphical format using an easy menu-driven interface. The script is free and comes with no restrictions on its use.
Wojciech Tryc's
Very cool archive including a good shopping cart and SQL gateways.
cookie.p and expcookie.p
They are a couple of scripts written by Dan Brown which handle the management of Netscape cookies. The script collection can be downloaded here.
Jump Button
The scrip for this can be found at http://www.propertyguide.com/scripts/url.txt. Basically the script allows one to jump to any URL in a list from a drop down box.
Thomas Boutell's Web Tools Page
Boutell is one of the true web wizards and this page has invaluable resources especially for the C programmer.
This is a good example of using the new File Upload procedures in a CGI. Script by Steve Hsueh.
JemTek CGI
JemTek CGI is a C library designed to simplify the creation of dynamic World Wide Web (WWW) applications. This is a very good, very fast, and well documented C library (like cgi-liib.pl but for C).
Kristina's Scripts for Educators
An absolutely brilliant set of scripts for teachers on the web.
EZforms allows you to install HTML forms on your ISPs server and easily retrieve the data entered by visitors in a readable form, without any CGI rights on that server. Instead, the form data is stored by EZforms, until you decide to look at it.
SMH Software's SendCGI
This is a modified version of Matt Wright's FormMail script that allows a information to be sent to the user by e-mail by simply filling out their e-mail address and pressing SUBMIT.
CGI World
Now includes Polling Scripts, Interactive Q & A Forum script, and NetBoard, an unique message board system.
Introduction to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
A very nice beginners and intermediates guide to CGI.
At ST-Software's freeware site you will find many CGI scripts (HTTP and FTP log analyzers, Web-counters etc.) as well as some Unix utilities. ST-Software is also mirrored in Greece. For questions ask S. Trivizas.
WebCom's Freeware CG Scripts
Very nicely presented freeware page with a few well written NT/C++ CGI's (File uploading, file listing, guestbook, and URL redirection).
The Scripts Homepage
A very nicely presented script archive that has most of the scripts that you might want (free for non-commercial uses).
Benjamin Sittler's Scripts
A few CGI's without much documentation or examples, but fun to read anyway.
West Raymond's Script Archive
A nice little archive with some well written and useful scripts for web site maintenance (including a nice link tracker to see which links on your web site are bad).
A simple, free-ware, Perl script which enables an interactive sorting of bibliographic citations on the web. It sorts incoming citations by relevant section, and also saves each citation to a separate flat-file in "BASIC" text format.
Interactive Pregnancy Calendar
The Interactive Pregnancy Calendar will build a day-by-day customized calendar detailing the development of a baby from before conception to birth.
Netamorphix CGI Resource Page
A fantastic site for basic information on CGI's as well as detailed and encompassing lists (Unlike most CGI resource lists, Netamoprphix provides well-described list elements - short abstracts of each and every script on a monthly rotation) of shareware/freeware CGI scripts.
Pure CGI Scripts
A very good list of links to freeware scripts recommended by Pure Web. Most of these we have here, but not all of them...
The Zone Coasters Scripts
A small, but well written script archive containing an excellent survey script, a guestbook, a bbs, a chat, and homepage maker that were particularly interesting to me.
Perl for Win32
A pretty good web developers kit for CGI implementation on NT.
Web Masters
The ultimate reference page outlining the mechanics behind CGI-HTML form interaction. An easy read for those of you interested in the nuts and bolts.
You can grab pretty much any shareware around for NT, Mac or UNIX web servers including Perl, Gzip, Tar. Each of these are a good addition to any CGI support library, and since all of our scripts are gzipped, tarred, and written in Perl, each are pretty essential for using the scripts in this archive!
Decompression utilities for NT
An excellent ftp archive to download gunzip and tar for NT's so that you can grab the compressed archives of our scripts.
CGI Scripts To Go
A good collection of various CGI scripts by topic (17 topics in all). The maintainer has taken a good deal of time to describe each script and compare it to other similar ones in the topic.
Seth Golub's Text 2 HTML
Perl Converter - a little bit complicated to use, but extremely powerful if you have a lot of conversion to do.
An Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms
An excellent page for the basics.
The Hitch-Hackers Guide CGI Toolkit
Jon Weiderspan's CGI Applications Directory
An Excellent Launchpad! Jon has put together a fantastic "list of links" for just about any CGI you want (both public domain listings as well as commercial listings).
Dale Bewley's Public Domain Tools Site
Contains a motley of excellent tools for the web administrator (especially graphics tools).
David Woolley's
List of BBS conferencing systems...EXCELLENT list of links.
New Breed's
Software Page. (Includes SSI, cgi libraries, index creator, leave_link.cgi, Guestbook, Counter).
Matt Wright's Script Archive
What can we say, Matt's Script Archive is one of the best out there and he is only 13!!!
Nick Bicanic's Animation Page
This is a really good site from which to learn animation.
Eva CGI Development Language Site
We don't know too much about the language, but the site looks pretty swank.
Kerry Garrison's Search and Replace
Parsely is a small Perl script written by Kerry Garrison that goes through a list of text files and does a text replacement. A very important tool for any webadmin with a large site to manage.
Andrea Leed's
Archive. (Last time we checked, scripts included a groupware Calendar and Browser matcher which will tell you which browser you are using).
Cindy (only here as an example of the animation script!)
Royal Frazier's
Absolutely Amazing Animation Tutorial on CGI Animation.
Yep, you got it...your basic CGI version of Hangman...
Max-Info WebC
Yahoo CGI Resources
No surprises here, just a quick link over to Yahoo.
Access Counter (Count 2.2)
This is the standard access counter for UNIX and NT. Written in C, the script is not "too" hard to install and has been recently expanded with lots of new features.
Calculation Scripts
You can click on any of the Financial Wizard(TM) calculators to get instant online assistance in determining optimum loan payments, maximum mortgage affordability or even your personal retirement income strategy.
W3MAGIC is a tool that adds over 100 new high-level tags to all your HTML documents.
Netsville Scripting Services
(Shareware shopping cart, "live type" - chat stuff, database search engine, PDN article search).
Web Event
WebEvent is an interactive online calendar program which allows individuals or groups to share event (calendar) information via the World Wide Web. WebEvent runs on UNIX platforms using PERL and a flat database.
EIT Software Archive
A bunch of pretty cool webadmin tools.
A web-based Search Engine.
Eric Deinzer's Break Dancer Animation
pretty self-explanatory...just a cool CGI animation.
The CGI Collection
A well described selected listing of various CGI resources recommended by Robert Niles such as Mailform, W3OClock, Guestbook, PickMail, Logger, Access Counter, and Register.
A CGI Programmer's Reference
Hedlund's CGI FAQ. These pages are intended to collect information useful to Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programmers.
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Lots and lots of CGI links. And excellent resource for the C CGI programmer, and even a couple of NT links.
Otis' CGI Library
A really good collection of CGI's (multimailer, lottery, log analyzers, animation).
Chris Stephens' Shareware CGI's
One of the stand out features of this archive is its coverage of the rare AppleScript and VMS CGIs!
Grant Neufold's Random URL Shareware CGI
Random URL is a CGI application for WebSTAR or MacHTTP (or any other CGI sdoc compatible web server) which randomly returns an url, from a text file, to clients.
Intro to CGI Programming at the University of Utah
This document contains an introductory tutorial on CGI programming, including some example CGI programs. After completing this tutorial you will be able to develop your own CGI programs.
NCSA's The CGI Page
Not much to say beyond the title. This is an excellent overview of CGI from the Godfathers of the Web.
Christoffer "Toffe" Sundqvist's Web Developers Bookmarks
A fairly good list of links.
Mooncrow's CGI/PERL Source Page
A fantastic list of links that no CGIer should miss.
UNIX Command Quick Reference Page
Jeff Aspinall's fantastic overview of some of the more frequently needed UNIX commands.
O'Reilley's WebSite Software Library
If you are an NT CGI Programmer, this is a must have for your bookmarks. This is about the best NT resource we have seen.
Perl Programmer's Handbook
This is a fairly good resource for the experienced Perl Hacker. A little bit too technical for our taste, but anything by Larry Wall is great.
University of Florida's Perl Page.
This is an excellent launchpad if you are looking for more info on Perl. Good links to perl libraries too.
The Perl Reference Materials Page
An absolutely fantastic page covering Perl 4 and 5 with links to pretty much everything a budding Perl hacker would need to take her deep into the world of Perl.
Andy Kingston's Netscape HTTP Cookie Notes
This is an excellent tutorial on using the magic cookie.
Lincoln D. Stein's CGI Examples
Examples from Lincoln Stein's fabulous book on web server administration. We recommend buying the book itself, but in the meantime, you can read through the example scripts.
Dave Elis' CGI Page
Another resource for the non-UNIX CGI programmer. Dave's site includes links to AppleScript, Windows, and Visual Basic information.
Russ Adam's Excellent Perl Search Engine
Hukilau Search Engine is pretty nice. It is fairly similar to our own search engine, but not enough that you want to not read through how Russ does it.
Excerpt Search Engine
We have not tried this search engine out ourselves, but it looks pretty nice.
N-Talk Chat Script
A cute interface to N-Talk for all of you with a UNIX web server.
The Image Map Tutorial Page
An incredible tutorial, I would not miss it if you are interested in making imagemaps for your site.
David Geller's Guide to Imagemaps
Another fantastic imagemap reference.
Guestlinks4NT is a combined guestbook and URL submission script for Windows NT servers.
RandomCounter provides the perfect alternative to all those neat odometers - a short Perl script that introduces a customizable random number onto your page wherever you want (uses SSI's).
Gamelan Java Page - This is a really good link for learning
Java Script Archive
Java FAQ Archives
TeamJava (consultant registry)