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eXtropia FAQs
eXtropia WebWare 2.1 Perl FAQ
How do I use WebWare programs out of the box?
What are Views?
What is TTML?
I Love the Old WebWare! Where can I get it?
Whom do I pay for Custom Development or Support?
How do I get More Help?
How do I contribute a new FAQ Q&A?

Q: How do I use WebWare programs out of the box?


Easy Way: Download you favorite distro and then place the tar file in your cgi-bin directory. Be sure to upload the tar file as binary! Then untar at the command prompt like:

tar xvf bbs.noarch.tar

(But I don't have access to the shell!) Once done, you will have a directory called "bbs" or "webcal" in your cgi-bin directory. That's actually it. Try running http://yourserver.com/cgi-bin/webcal/webcal.cgi. That works, right?

Ok, if it didn't work, then you need to check out the other FAQs.

If you want to customize the cgi file to use MySQL, different fields, or whatever, you may do so. Please read the documentation for more information.

If you need to untar the files before uploading to your server, please make sure you use Notepad or Wordpad and Save as TEXT without formatting. Then, upload the scripts as ASCII...or just leave your FTP program on Auto.

Q: What are Views?


Basically, views permit content to be divorced from design. The datasource model and the HTML no longer fight each other in the same cgi script. There is just one cgi and many different views.

From Instant CGI/Perl (Chap. 11): It is important to realize that the use of views is an architecture, not a templating system. The view architecture is complementary to templating, not a competitor to it.

Views are designed to give an application a Look and Feel in an easy to understand way. Each default View provided was made with Template Toolkit. Some key features of using Views are that Views:

  1. Views can inherit from other views.
  2. View can contain other views.
  3. Views produce and return data to display; they never output the content itself.
  4. Views can be filtered.
  5. Views can cache themselves within persistent Perl engines such as mod_perl.

In general, Views provide web designers a simpler way of adding design to content without having to mess with important Perl code.

Q: What is TTML?


TTML is Template Toolkit Markup Language. Documentation and downloads are available at Template Toolkit. eXtropia cannot provide any support for TTML.

Q: Where are the Old Programs? I want them!


Older versions of WebWare 2.0 and original eXtropia apps are available upon request. Please email us with your request.

We urge you to upgrade today and reap the benefits of the new architecture!

Q: Whom do I pay for custom development and support?


If you are a company in Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand, you can email sales for more information. If you are a website owner and are not in SE Asia, please see DevNet for a freelance programmer near you.

Q: Where can I get More Help?


More help is available for eXtropia's WebWare. Check out Free Support for general assistance. For WebWare 2.1, you'll find WebWare 2.1 extremely useful. You may buy the not-so-up-to-date Instant CGI/Perl by Selena Sol and Gunther Birznieks if you want the hard copy.

Q: How do I contribute a FAQ Q&A?


Cool! You have a frequently asked question you'd like to post! Send it to: faq@extropia.com