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eXtropia ADT Functional Specifications
Quality Documentation  

Functional Specifications provide detailed parameter listings, application information, and workflow descriptions. It is highly recommended that you read the ADT Docs first so that you will understand the program architecture.

Please download the ZIP files since the PDFs are about 700K each.

AddressBook [PDF] [ZIP] BugTracker [PDF] [ZIP]
CommentForm [PDF] [ZIP] Document Manager [PDF] [ZIP]
Expense Administrator [PDF] [ZIP] ExpenseTracker [PDF] [ZIP]
Guestbook [PDF] [ZIP] Inventory Manager [PDF] [ZIP]
JumpForm [PDF] [ZIP] Mailing List Mgr. [PDF] [ZIP]
Project Tracker [PDF] [ZIP] Recruit Administrator [PDF] [ZIP]
Recruit Manager [PDF] [ZIP] Survey [PDF] [ZIP]
Survey Administrator [PDF] [ZIP] Tell-A-Friend [PDF] [ZIP]
ToDo List [PDF] [ZIP] WebBBS [PDF] [ZIP]
WebCal [PDF] [ZIP] WebNews [PDF] [ZIP]
WebNews Manager [PDF] [ZIP] Quiz [PDF] [ZIP]
Quiz Admin [PDF] [ZIP] FAQ Public [PDF] [ZIP]
FAQ Manager [PDF] [ZIP] Site Search [PDF] [ZIP]