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About WebDB  
WebDB 8.0 provides clients with a web interface that enables them to manage their databases and organize information on a customized platform. Clients are able to access shared databases from wherever they are. Not only are they able to read information but they are also able to add to, modify, delete and search from multiple databases based on keyword recognition.

With WebDB 8.0 clients have a swift, convenient, flexible productivity tool for managing information. The product includes an Address Book, Project Tracker, Inventory Manager, News Publisher, and allows email notification and logging. It also has an integrated authentication feature compatible with standard UNIX, DB, LDAP, or NTLM. Users are able to turn on and off features as required.

This product is ideally suited for business people on the move who need instant access to company or client information. It is also a great management tool for companies and organisations in terms of project coordination, inventory control, client management and information dissemination.

Application in action  
The following are actual implementations of WebDB. Please do not clutter these sites with unnecessary tests and the like. The administrators were all kind enough to allow me to cite them as working examples, so be nice to them on eXtropia's behalf!