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About SiteSearch  
When a website starts to grow beyond a couple of pages, it can be time-consuming for visitors to find what they are looking for. As more web pages are connected to one another via hypertext links, the resulting spaghetti-like relationship only exacerbates the complexity. Having SiteSearch installed on your website solves these problems. It provides a quick way for people to find the pages they are looking for. Additionally, because the script is searching the actual pages on the website, the results of the search are always up-to-date.
Application in action  
The following are actual implementations of SiteSearch. Please do not clutter these sites with unnecessary tests and the like. The administrators were all kind enough to allow me to cite them as working examples, so be nice to them on eXtropia's behalf! If you are looking for an example and you must try one out, just try ours at the top of any page.