CommentForm About CommentForm CommentForm allows a site administrator to process the results of Web-based forms in a number of ways. The application can be used to generate dynamic email or to create and build a log file or database to track usage of HTML-based forms. The processing of forms is configured by taking advantage of various hidden form tags included in the HTML form created by the administrator, so very little coding knowledge is needed to use this script. Furthermore, because the workings of the application are defined in the HTML form rather than in the application code, the HTML form author can use this one script to process all of the forms, no matter how different they are (Note: All emails interface with the PGP encryption library for secure communication). Examples include a form to process feedback, a form to automatically download a selected file, and a "jump box" form that allows a user to choose a URL to jump to from a list. Application in action The following are actual implementations of CommentForm. Please do not clutter these sites with unnecessary tests and the like. The administrators were all kind enough to allow me to cite them as working examples, so be nice to them on eXtropia's behalf!