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Download an application  
In order to download an application, you must provide at least your name and email. We ask for this data so that we can generate some statistics about the number of downloads we are getting and where our code is going.

eXtropia pledges to use your email address with only the greatest respect. Your email address will be used for legitimate correspondence only. We intend to send out no more than one or two follow-up sales letters, bug announcements, and security alerts. We do not sell our mailing list to other companies.

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Okay, you are ready to download the application now. Here is what to expect:

  1. Click the "Submit Query" button below. This will instruct your browser to start downloading the compressed application to your local computer. Save the file to your computer.
  2. When the "TAR" file has finished downloading, use "WinZip" (or "Suntar" for Mac) to "unarchive" the application files. Both utiltiies are available at www.shareware.com.
  3. Customize the setup file and application files according to the instructions in the README.INSTALLATION file.
  4. Transfer the application files to your web server using ASCII mode.
  5. When your application is installed, please email us at register@eXtropia.com so that we can add you as a list of registered users.
Important information  
All of eXtropia's products are open source, which means that you are free to download, use and modify them without paying us a cent. But you should still read the licensing agreement if you haven't done so.

With each application download, eXtropia provides installation documentation in order to help you get it working. Though we are proud of the user-friendliness of our documentation, you should know from the start that installation and customization might take some time, especially if you have limited programming experience.

So, if you want to do it yourself, you are going to need to get your feet wet and learn some technical stuff to install and customize.

To help you along, eXtropia provides an abundance of free support. However, we also offer license and support contracts to help those of you with no time or inclination to mess with the code. We also provide turnkey installation services through our Developers Network.