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webware suite 2.0
What it is  
The eXtropia WebWare Suite 2.0 consists of 25 full-featured web application modules. These applications have been developed over the last seven years through the work of founders, Eric Tachibana and Gunther Birznieks, as well as through the free contributions from the open source community using the products.
What it includes  
Custom web solutions for your business
Most clients require multiple integrated applications rather than single applications. The modular nature of eXtropia's applications makes it possible to pick and choose the applications that you want.

Integration always includes the use of eXtropia eXconnect™ technology and will allow the applications to share data and talk to each other.

eXtropia also offers several industry-spanning web solutions for small business, financial institutions, and telcos and service providers.

Find out more about our product benefits.

If you are interested in an eXtropia web solution for your business, please contact .

The application suite includes the following:

Provides calendaring functions and tracking functions. Users track and modify appointments, with daily and monthly views. Helps track staff movement and company events, and can be accessed by staff on the go, anywhere.

Channels discussions with threaded dialogues. Users can enter into discussions with one or multiple parties.

Manages real-time discussions. Dialogues can take place between distributed work groups or within private rooms.

Lists tasks for personal management. Users can list and prioritise tasks, as well as add, delete and modify to the list.

Organizes multiple mailing lists. Users may modify their records as well as compose and send email.

Creates web forms. Webmasters can use this tool to make "tell-a-friend", feedback and also forms for download.

Creates an online multiple-choice quiz. Administrators can hold dynamic web-based examinations and tests.

Creates web-based surveys. Administrators can manage the results through a standard set of reports.

Provides a dynamic search engine to search all text-based and HTML files on a site.

Creates a guest book. Webmasters can use its back-end feature to manage and organise the information collected.

Manages the auction process. Users can employ this system for either forward or reverse auctions of information and products.

Creates classified advertisements. Users can use this system to advertise products and services in an online marketplace.

Provides key features of an online store. Includes product options, searches, and HTML templating, plug-ins for ordering and shipping, and drivers for payment gateways.

Manages client relationships. Sales teams can use this tool to manage contact information, sales data and reports.

Organises order and supply work flows. Users can leverage inventory, sales and client databases for better inventory management.

Manages client relationships. A customer relationship manager (CRM) tool that serves as an address book as well as an information storage facility.

Collates business and personal data. Users can use this web-based organiser to manage their address and contact list.

Organises documents. Users can publish, modify as well as share documents with other users through a web-based directory.

Manages projects. A system that provides work flow controls which optimise productivity on a distributed project.

Manages staff recruitment. Organises the process of collating job applications, reviewing resumes, setting up interviews and post-interview assessment.

Manages web-based email. A POP and IMAP compliant email front-end for web-based email accounts.

Tracks office expenses. Users can use this system to manage expenses, and keep track of approvals and accounting work flow.

Manages employee movement. Tracks employee movement and manages leave approval and accounting work flows.

Broadcasts company news (sales and marketing) from a central location.