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office productivity suite
The product  
eXtropia's Office Productivity Suite provides an extensible set of web-based office productivity applications with interfaces for both users and administrators. The Office Productivity Suite can be imported and exported to major office applications such as Lotus Notes, Palm, and MS Outlook and more exotic packages such as MyYahoo. It is also WAP functional and can be integrated into a mobile office package.

Note: eCommerce Suite is a solution service that is available in South East Asia Only. Please us if you would like more information.

The components  
Manages client relationships. A customer relationship manager (CRM) tool that serves as an address book as well as an information storage facility.

Collates business and personal data. Users can use this web-based organiser to manage their address and contact list.

Organises documents. Users can publish, modify as well as share documents with other users through a web-based directory.

Tracks office expenses. Users can use this system to manage expenses, and keep track of approvals and accounting work flow.

Manages employee movement. Tracks employee movement and manages leave approval and accounting work flows.

Manages projects. A system that provides work flow controls which optimise productivity on a distributed project.

Manages staff recruitment. Organises the process of collating job applications, reviewing resumes, setting up interviews and post-interview assessment.

Manages staff flows in a multi-office company. A system that keeps track of relocation, set-up and transfer requirements involved with staff movement.

Provides calendaring functions and tracking functions. Helps track staff movement and company events, and can be accessed by staff on the go, anywhere.

Manages real-time discussions. Dialogues can take place between distributed work groups or within private rooms.

Channels discussions with threaded dialogues. Users can enter into discussions with one or multiple parties.

Manages web-based email. A POP and IMAP compliant email front-end for web-based email accounts.

Allows an administrator to create any web-based form including a "JumpBox", "Comment Form", or "Download form".