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eCommerce suite
The product  
eXtropia's eCommerce Suite provides a broad range of applications necessary for and helpful with running an eCommerce-based web site or portal.

Note: eCommerce Suite is a solution service that is available in South East Asia Only. Please us if you would like more information.

The components  
Creates classified advertisements. Users can use this system to advertise products and services in an online marketplace.

Organises order and supply work flows. Users can leverage inventory, sales and client databases for better inventory management.

Manages client relationships. Sales teams can use this tool to manage contact information, sales data and reports.

Manages the auction process. Users can employ this system for either forward or reverse auctions of information and products.

Manages real-time discussions. Dialogues can take place between distributed work groups or within private rooms.

Provides key features of an online store. Includes product options, searches, and HTML templating, plug-ins for ordering and shipping, and drivers for payment gateways.