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If you are interested in becoming an eXtropia customer, or have any questions with regard to purchasing our products and services, please contact our sales office at .
The general pricing strategy employed by eXtropia is similar to that used in the automobile industry. A base product is offered at a base price and features are added or removed as desired by clients.

eXtropia pricing includes the following basic components:

Commercial license component The eXtropia commercial license grants the licensee the right to use an application in a commercial setting, the right to modify the source code or perform systems integration as they see fit, and the right to own all modifications to their source code. This license extends per web server instance of the application.

It also includes:

Package license Typically, eXtropia does not sell single applications. Most clients require multiple integrated applications such as an organizer which might include a calendar, to-do manager and contact book all-in-one.

Integration always includes the use of eXconnect™ technology and will allow the sharing of:

Package licenses include:

The standard cost for a package license varies depending on the number of integrated applications required. Backend systems integration component Backend systems integration involves on-site integration of the application into the existing environment/infrastructure (web site) in which the application is to run. This type of work is man-day sensitive and is priced according to our standard man-day pricing schedule.

On average, backend integration requires five days for the first application and two days for each subsequent application. Look-and-feel design and/or integration and work flow modifications Clients often require our expertise to merge the application look-and-feel with the existing look-and-feel of their website, or to design a new look-and-feel altogether.

On a similar note, many clients require specialized one-off work flow modifications that are specific to their business. Charges for this type of work is also man-day sensitive but is fairly generic and as such, are covered by our standard daily rates. Enterprise plug-in additions By default, all applications come in their standard form including text-based datasources, standard CGI-based authentication and server side file-based session management. In some cases, clients will wish to use an Oracle or MySQL database to store their data rather than simple files. In this case, clients may add on additional plug-in components, each with varying costs for integration.

On top of the actual software plug-ins, eXtropia can help the client install and customize infrastructural components such as the web server, application server, database, etc. Charges for this work is based on hourly rates. Rental sharing strategies eXtropia enables telecommunications companies and service providers to generate recurring rental fees from users who upgrade their accounts to take advantage of our integrated web applications. eXtropia can provide licenses for our applications, systems integration work and support to telcos and service providers, who then can rent out the applications through a variety of product offerings. eXtropia will then take a small share of the rental fee.