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product benefits
eXtropia product benefits  
Strong market and outsourcing trends
The market for eXtropia's products - turnkey web applications and web application development tools - is substantial and has strong indications for accelerated growth.

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter estimates the web applications market will grow from $30 million to $100 million between 2000 and 2004 in Asia alone. UBS Warburg puts the global enterprise web applications market at $800 million in 1999 and growing to $9 billion by 2004.

With an exceedingly high cost for the development and ownership of applications, the trend towards outsourcing web applications has been steady and is on the rise. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter reports that 44% of CIOs they interviewed reported that they are considering outsourcing application services.

Provide a one-stop solution
Bundle applications with clients' existing products and infrastructure to provide total and customer-centric solutions.

Lock in customers
Lock in the existing customer base with enhanced services and help bring in new clients.

Create revenue streams and extend existing revenue streams
Create new revenue streams immediately and enhance existing revenue streams.

Products support other languages
eXtropia products are multilingual by design. Over the last seven years, third party developers have found it easy to translate our applications into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, German, Russian, Austrian, French, and Norwegian.

Enterprise functionality
eXtropia applications support and easily plug into enterprise legacy systems including databases, directory systems, public key infrastructures, firewall-security platforms, enterprise servers, and XML.

eXtropia applications are built with an extra layer of encryption for added security. In addition to the basic SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which protects communications between the browser and the server, eXtropia applications support the use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), which protects email communication between the server and the web administrator. Furthermore, all of our applications are firewall-friendly.

eXtropia applications can scale up according to business needs or usage without a loss in speed or disruption to operations.

eXtropia applications can be adapted to changing business requirements without the need to rebuild its construction or affect the company's IT infrastructure.

Making websites easy to build and maintain
Website development is accelerated and site management streamlined by using assembly line methods. Though each component contains blocks of complex programming code, programmers do not need to understand the complex code within. They just need to know enough to plug the components together - just like assembling Lego blocks - in order to build a comprehensive interactive website or expand on existing IT infrastructure. All of this results in a faster response to market demands.

Simple tools can make complex structures
Since our tool kit is so extensible, an advanced programmer also has the option to configure each component from within, and also scale up the applications for large volume transactions. The tool kit also integrates easily with other programs, such as Oracle and Sybase.

eXtropia offers a less disruptive way of implementing as well as maintaining an e-commerce strategy, allowing for a flexible web architecture that adapts to changing market demands with Lego-assembly ease. For example, our clients can easily switch from Sybase to Oracle with little disruption as applications built using our toolkit work interchangeably with all major systems. Time spent troubleshooting is minimized, and new staff can learn how to use the toolkit within days.

Ready to install
For convenience and speed, eXtropia also provides pre-built web applications such as a web database and a web store that leverage these components. Thus, someone who knows only HTML can use our pre-built applications to build an interactive website very quickly.

Tried and tested across platforms
eXtropia products work on all major platforms, including UNIX, Windows and Macintosh. They also integrate easily with most enterprise software such as Oracle, Sybase, or SAP. Our products have been continuously developed, tested and have been in use at thousands of web sites the world over since 1994.

Well documented
eXtropia provides many published books and online tutorials giving extensive explanations of how the code works.

Not only will the eXtropia applications continue to expand and improve, but a vast network of freelance developers will always be available to support clients because of the open source community already built around eXtropia.

Built on eXtropia eXconnect™ technology
All eXtropia applications are built on top of the eXtropia Application Development Toolkit (ADT). The ADT (over 250 interfaces and drivers) assures that applications work together seamlessly (in terms of single sign-on, data access and sharing, and user profiling) both on a single site and among many sites.