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Setting the Standard for Open Web Applications  
An eXtropia Primer
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What are web applications?
Why open source software?
Why is eXtropia better than the rest?
eXtropia? What's in a name?
eXtropia engineers have been setting the standard for web applications since founding Selena Sol's Script Archive, in 1994.

Since then, we've been developing solutions for major clients across America, Europe, and Asia.

eXtropia's unique strength lies in our Open Source Philosophy. By shifting the commercial value away from the actual applications to the product halo-ancillary services such as systems integrations, training, and support-we are free to share our code with a global community of skilled open source developers.

The Web Technology Specialist  
- We develop Perl and Java-based web applications that can be accessed on the web or on WAP phones and that can be installed out-of-the-box on any web site. eXtropia provides secure and scalable web applications and can deliver web solutions quickly and at a low cost.

- Industry-spanning web solutions that address the needs of small businesses, financial institutions, telecommunications, and service providers.