radical hacks Real time credit card, and real time checking sent in the following hack... for July 2001!

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I am by no mean a Perl Programmer but this hack of Jeff Walters Shopping cart hack was just to good not to submit. My thanks to Jeff for inspiration. All of Jeff’s features are intact and are included:

The cart was hacked to perform real time credit card, and real time checking. It also allows a purchase to go to an account or even call in or fax.


  1. If UPS shipping fails for any reason, the order switches from real time C Card or Checking back to standard mode and the program logs the order, emails customer and the merchant. The merchant can then contact customer to complete deal.
  2. If real time C Card or Checking fails for any reason the program does the same thing.
  3. When real time completes an order the program writes the order to the DB (all orders are written to DB and C Card # has the ASCII Cipher), which is password, protected. A CC is written as a prefix or a Ck is written as a prefix to the # in the DB indicating payment type and success or failure.
  4. Real time is performed via a socket so no special forms are needed. This version connects to ATS Bank, which has the best price I could find. $49 to resellers and that includes great documentation other easy to use forms and a virtual terminal all for $19.00 a month. Processing goes through Online Data Corp. and that cost $99.00 for the merchant account. Total cost to setup merchant account real time processing and virtual terminal is less than $200.00, which is out standing! I guess that is it.