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WebStore Setup FAQs  

WebStore Setup FAQ by CC Edwards Co.
Original Host eXtropia.com
Modified by InterNetWorkingSolutions

Web Store 2.x Docs

My store is installed but not configured.  How do I configure it?
Log in to your site via FTP.  Then using Coffeecup (Windows) or BB Edit (Macintosh) edit the following files as detailed.  Do not attempt to change anything else.  It's not necessary.  When doing the editing you must first download the file then after you are done editing the file you must save the changes and upload it back to the server.

: ../web_store/Library/web_store.setup.frames.javascript
Search for $sc_order_script_url and set it equal to
<a href=https://the path to/your secure/web_store.cgi>

OPEN:  ../web_store/Library/web_store.setup.frames.javascript
Replace the following lines
In the section
Order Form Definition Variables
$sc_sales_tax = ".07"; # 7%
Change this to your actual rate
@sc_sales_tax_form_values = ("MI", "Michigan");
Change this to your state information
$sc_order_email = "sales\@replacethis.com";
Change this to your e-mail address
In the section
# HTML Search Variables
$sc_root_web_path = "/web2/home1/replacethis-IP../web_store/Html/Products";
Set this to the path on your server.
HINT: Log in to your site with CuteFTP(Windows) or Fetch(Macintosh) and look in the right hand "server" frame and it will show you the path information.
Set $sc_server_url = "http://YOURDOMAIN.com/web_store/Html/Products";
to your URL.
Miscellaneous Variables
$sc_admin_email = "sales\@replacethis.com";
Change this to your e-mail address

OPEN: /Web_Store/HTML/outlet_frontpage_db.html
Edit the file to customize your front page with your own words and graphics.


How Do I Add or Delete or Modify the Product Groups or Categories in the left hand frame?

To modify your catagories edit the file toc.html
in the /Web_store/Html directory
find the block of text that says

<A HREF = "web_store.cgi?product=letters&cart_id=" TARGET = "main">list product catagory

See where it says letters, simply replace letters with the appropriate category  from your database. To add more category , just copy and paste this again, and change the category  to point to the new category . When adding inventory with our Inventory Manager simply type the same category name and it will call all products with that group name.   The store has a default limit of 25 items per group, but there is no limit to the number of groups.  We can change you limit if you need it but the page load times will become extreme if we do extend it for you.  To add a product go to your site administration console and click on "administrate inventory" complete help documentation is installed on the add product screen.

To modify your front page edit the file outlet_frontpage_db.html
in the /Web_store/Html directory .
This is just a simple HTML document nothing magic here.

I want to change how the shipping charges are handled by the store script. How do I do this?
Using Coffeecup (Windows) or BB Edit (Macintosh) open the following file.

Replace the following lines
Shipping and handling can be the most difficult field to configure. 99% of the time the reason is not understanding the fields and having the variables in the wrong field. When placed correctly it works flawlessly. Don't bother looking all over the place these are the only options to configure, if it doesn't work, you have either a case sensitive issue or you put the per piece rate in the quantity field or another relational transposition.
This defines your shipping variable used on the order form
@sc_order_form_shipping_related_fields = ("22-shipping");
In the Order Form Definition Variables Section
There are five fields in the shipping variable logic array.

shipping related field|subtotal price|quantity|measured value(not used unless large editing)|amount to charge
This creates a per piece rate charge
@sc_shipping_logic = ("handling||1||8.00", "handling||2||16.00", "handling||3||32.00", "handling||4||40.00", "handling||5||48.00", "handling||6||56.00", "handling||7-||64.00");
This creates a % by dollar volume charge
#@sc_shipping_logic = ("usps|1-|||15%", "ups|1-|||18%", "dhl|1-|||35%");
This creates a per piece rate without regard to type shipping method
@sc_shipping_logic =
This equals 1 Item is $6.00
2-5 Items equals 15% of cost.
10 + Items equals Free Shipping.

Shipping can be either a % of the st or a per piece rate. Or a combination of both depending upon the number of items ordered. Before making changes to this file, make a backup copy in case you make a mistake. We will charge you $50.00 per hour to correct your mistakes if we are asked to do so. Also, we set the store script to 15% of cost by default as part of the installation.
Save the file as a text file. Upload it via FTP using ASCII method. Binary Upload can destroy the file.

Can I work with the database directly?  Can I add options for color and sizes, etc.?

Yes and Yes.

To add or delete inventory you simply edit the data.file
in the directory /Web_store/Data_files/
This is how the data file looks

20171|letters|119.95|20171clocks|<img src="http://www.yourdomain.com/152f.jpg">|Authentic
rendition of a century-old clock, hand-carved of genuine teakwood. 9 1/2" x 4" x 17 3/4" high. 119.95|

This is what it means
item # | catagory | price | part number | image tag reference | product description and price displayed in
store |

upload all your pictures to the docs directory and point the image tag to it's location. You can not
load pictures from inside the directory.

All you do is change the information and upload it.

Presto...the webstore will create all HTML on the fly for you.
If you want to use options in your database, for things like ring sizes, dress sizes, etc. You will have to manually update your database. The syntax is like this.
20171|letters|119.95|20171clocks|<img src="http://www.yourdomain.com/152f.jpg">|Authentic
rendition of a century-old clock, hand-carved of genuine teakwood. 9 1/2" x 4" x 17 3/4" high. 119.95|%%OPTION%%option.html
Where option.html is the name of a HTML file uploaded to the HTML/Options directory. Several are loaded for you already if you want to test this. If you need multiple options simply call a different HTML file that you upload to this directory.

How do I change the background color, text colors, etc. on the product generated pages? ;
Using FTP OPEN: /Web_store/library/web_store_html_lib.pl
Complete documentation is located inside this file.

I used a HTML editor on the front page where the search box and now the cart dumps it's content, what do I do?

First of all we instructed you to use a word processor.  Some non-cgi compliant editors strip a couple lines of code from the outlet_frontpage_db.html file.  You need to replace it.  If you need to use an HTML editor use one that is CGI/Perl compliant, such as coffeecup.
This is the line that it removes.
<INPUT TYPE = "hidden" NAME = "page" VALUE = "outlet_frontpage_db.html">
<INPUT TYPE = "hidden" NAME = "cart_id" VALUE = "%%cart_id%%">
This line should follow
<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="web_store.cgi" ENCTYPE="x-www-form-urlencoded">
But remain before the field arrays start.