radical hacks Fourth Item Free Database hack sent in the following hack for Multiple Choice Grader with these comments....

The current version which I called webexam version 3.3 is implemented in www.nyu.edu/education/nursing/course/chfeducation site as an online quiz to test clients as a review aid.

The following are the features that I will try to add to version 3.4 in 6 months later:

  1. logging hacker's ip address and isp information to find out penetration.
  2. enable feature to dynamically and randomly load up different exams and give grading accordingly. (Which may just rely on the abs ( ) and rand ( ) function from perl library).
  3. ability to generate a random password or crypted password and sent to user via email. (Compared to statical registration method which is currently implemented)
  4. add a time counter that track time on screen and give alarm to client is time is almost finish.