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eXtropia developers network
What is the eXtropia DevNet?  
As one of the leading open source web applications providers, eXtropia is inundated with freelance opportunities to install custom applications for clients.

To handle these overwhelming requests, eXtropia has brought together a community of talented developers, the Developers Network (DevNet) to whom we can refer these projects.

What does it take to become a member?  
DevNet Testimonials
"I have had nothing but positive experiences in my 1 1/2 years with the Developers Network (previously called "Help Found Network") and I can only see better things down the road. I truly am grateful to be included in the Developers Network, and would be more than happy to relay my positive experiences to others.

I have managed to get plenty of jobs and I don't think there is going to be a shortage, anytime soon, of people that have "click & point" software (FrontPage, GoLive) and can get only so far before they need assistance.

I think that the one thing that has, almost from the start, set the eXtropia applications and approach apart from all the rest of the "cgi-archive" sites, is the sense of community that eXtropia provides. On the Discussion Forums, there are always people willing to help others, catch, fix and report bugs, and just generally people were great."

Find out what clients are saying about the DevNet!
eXtropia is looking for web developers skilled in Perl or Java, or that have related web-based application development skills. Experience with eXtropia's applications is a big plus.

Furthermore, eXtropia expects the following qualities in members of the DevNet:

We want to include people who have already been doing some freelance or full-time web application development work. Hopefully, you will also have experience with eXtropia's applications, in particular.

Moreover, you will be fluent in Perl/CGI and HTML 3.2 and have some experience with Java, cross-platform development, ModPerl, DHTML, ASP, SQL or related technologies.

It is important that we get the impression that you are a good person with whom we can trust our reputation. We want to make sure that you put out good, well-documented code and that you support that code in a mature and caring way. Clients should think of you as their friend.

We intend to send you a lot of work and need to find people who will have enough time to take on these projects. Therefore, we seek freelance developers who need another way to get new clients and to become part of a supportive community. We do not want someone who has a full-time job and is moonlighting as a developer in the Network.

Member benefits  
Members are entitled to the following benefits:

Inclusion into our referral database
These days, we are simply inundated with freelance opportunities. Therefore, we have created a database of developers that people can access in order to find qualified help with web applications development. Each developer will get personal attention and a guaranteed number of job opportunities. Furthermore, we will only increase the number of developers if there are enough projects to support expansion.

Feather in your cap
Membership in the DevNet also gives you the right to advertise as an "Official eXtropia Developer". Our name carries with it quite a bit of respect out there and you can use the membership as a resume item. You can cash in on our reputation even though you are not our agent or employee.

Focused support
eXtropia provides a members only discussion forum for DevNet members. In the forum, members can discuss technical matters, design architectures, consulting business issues, and the like. Members will be able to share code, ask questions, find help, and leverage the experience of the entire group.

Free stuff
Membership also entitles you to a license-plus for eXtropia's WebWare suite. Specifically, you get a CD-ROM distribution for the entire WebWare suite of applications, user documentation for the entire WebWare suite, installation email support (10 days per project), customization email support for the year, free upgrades and patches for a year, and access to training (twice a year).

Reseller bonus
As a member, you gain the reseller bonus for all projects in which you sell the support contract or license. You will receive 10% commission on all licenses and contracts you resell.

Join the eXtropia DevNet!  
To join, simply send us an email requesting to become part of the eXtropia DevNet.

Send email to:

Please include the following with your request:

  • your updated resume
  • three or four professional references
  • your personal homepage
  • a picture (if any)

If you fit our needs, and your references give us the thumbs up, eXtropia can offer you a spot in the DevNet.