WebWare 2.1 Beta Welcome to the Development Site for WebWare 2.1 Beta

These pages form the basis for our book, Instant CGI/Perl, that details the components that make up WebWare and the ADT. Keep in mind that the book is already out of sync with the current state of the ADT. Prepare yourself with some background reading The WebWare 2.0 Technical White Paper discusses why we decided to change our application development architecture. In short, the Open Source Software Model demanded a different type of code structure built for distributed virtual development teams.

eXtropia.com: A Case Study in Open Source Software explains why we decided upon the Open Source Software Model. Try out some example apps First, note that these are not production level applications. There are lots of bugs (notably in the implementation of DataSource) and unfinished portions. The examples are here only to give you an idea of what the code is doing! Don't bother emailing me if things are broken here as they are changing continually :)

Demos and downloads Read the documentation We cannot offer Instant CGI/Perl online in PDF format. We hope to have the book online soon. Please contact us if it is an emergency.

In the meantime, please test our online documentation that we will soon distribute with all of our WebWare Perl applications. Please keep in mind that the documentation is in flux as changes occur..