Instant Web Scripts with CGI/PERL Small Computer Book Club Review If you're into Web programming, you've no doubt heard of how CGI scripts can bring life to lackluster home pages. What you may not know is that you don't even have to write your own scripts from scratch; much of CGI development involves going to the archives of pre-written CGI scripts and customizing them.

Where do you find those scripts and what must you do to use them in your system? That's what you'll discover in Instant Web Scripts with CGI. This book/CD-ROM set is packed with plenty of scripts as well as guidelines for de-archiving them, setting the appropriate permissions, and other housekeeping you must do to get them to work on just about any Web-server environment that allows CGI scripts to run.

Instant Web Scripts with CGI covers topics like:

Of course, as soon as you get some scripts downloaded and configured to run on your intranet or the Internet, your users (or your boss) will be clamoring for customization--better graphics, more features, and the like. That's where those Perl libraries will come in handy. Instant Web Scripts with CGI explains how these libraries work internally and how to use them inside your own programs.

Why wait any longer to build Web sites with greater ease and functionality? For a wealth of scripts and the know-how to use them, get yourself a copy of Instant Web Scripts with CGI.

About the Authors

Selena Sol, a.k.a. Eric Tachibana, is the online services coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Gunther Birkznieks is a systems administrator for ROW Sciences/National Institutes of Health.